Partner Class Free Lesson Grant Program

HH JapaNeeds offers free or reduced price Japanese partner classes through our special grant program. The price of our partner classes is set at a reasonable level so that anyone can easily receive individual instruction, but we would like to set up a subsidy system for those who have difficulty due to low income. There will be no charge for those with low incomes and difficulties. We will help you learn Japanese so you can realize your dreams in Japan. Please contact us if you meet any of the following criteria:

  • I want to improve my Japanese conversation, but I can’t take lessons because I’m not working.
  • I can’t speak Japanese, so I can’t get a good job and I’m having trouble living in Japan.
  • I have decided to take a job in Japan and am planning to come to Japan, but I am worried because I cannot speak Japanese at all.


  1. People with no or low income.
  2. People who are highly motivated to study Japanese.

Details of the grant

If you meet the requirements, you can take a partner class for 6 months free of charge. You can take 5 hours of Japanese tutor lessons a month. The program also includes an E-Language Learning Course.

This program is a subsidy program provided by HH&H Japan for students who want to learn Japanese but cannot afford to attend the classroom. Foreigners who are financially troubled to live in Japan are often said to have difficulty in their Japanese proficiency. Many of us Japanese want to teach Japanese somehow, but it is difficult for learners to meet such Japanese. In the partner class of HH JapaNeeds, many staff are looking forward to the opportunity to teach Japanese in-person or online. Improve your Japanese and make your life in Japan more valuable and at the same time unleash the potential of your life.

Purpose of this program:
Let us help you learn Japanese by offering our materials for free. It is our pleasure to do so, and it allows us to grow as well. In return, we hope that you will do your best to learn Japanese. We need more diversity in Japan, and multiculturalism is a great asset for building world peace.
Master Japanese and enrich your life. Thank you very much for studying Japanese!

If you would like to apply, please click on the button below. Your application will be reviewed after it is submitted.