Toward A Shared Future

HHHJapan are an NPO that contributes to future peace through multicultural activities.

A Japanese tutor lesson that conveys Japanese culture and customs as well as words. HHHJapan is working with other Japanese schools to achieve multicultural coexistence.


More casual, more fun, and closer to the world! Native English conversation class in your city. We are accepting free trial lessons!


Has the world’s “Like” reached you? Discover local “likes” in English from teachers from overseas countries !


What happens to the local community due to global climate change? “Agroforestry,” which combines agriculture and tree planting, is a new agricultural revolution.

Japanese volunteers are a great opportunity to meet new people while having fun. We are working to create a society that takes advantage of regional internationalization and diversity.

HHHJapan is working on the mission of “realizing multicultural symbiosis”. Our domestic multicultural activities include international exchange through language and international understanding seminars. In the Japanese language program, we aim to increase the number of foreigners who understand the Japanese language and culture, and to spread familiarity and understanding of Japan throughout the world. We also promote Japanese language teaching as one of the important grassroots activities to build a peaceful world by respecting each other’s different cultures. International exchange is the first step toward the realization of multicultural conviviality, and we aim to help Japanese people become even more active in global society. Read more…

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Agroforestry Project in Leyte

Helping Hands and Hearts Japan supports the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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With the support entrusted with your precious thoughts, we are still active today.
Until the day when we realize a future where multiculturalism can live in harmony.