Love and service for Society

The Society: It is a collection of people who live and work, love and create, toil and struggle together. Being in this society you have to look after the welfare of the society.            
  If you find anybody begging on the street, you should call him, talk to him softly and advise him not to beg like this. Help him to carry out a dignified life. Remember Jesus served two fish to a hungry person who asked “How is it possible to eat fish every day”? Then Jesus purchased a net and presented it to the man, and advised him “With this net, carry out your living”. Our students should do like that.
We should help others and enable them to earn their own living. All the members of this SOCIETY are your brothers and sisters. You should have that kind of affection and universal love.
  Every educated person should engage himself or herself in selfless service to society with humility and pure heart. All academic distinction or even observance of spiritual practice is of no use if there is no love in the heart. This is the deep significance of human life.  
  Help rendered, however small, if it comes from the heart within is as good as the offer of life itself. Look about for chances to relieve, or rescue. Train yourselves that you may render help quickly and well. Service is the highest form of commitment, the most satisfying and the most pleasurable.  
Serve people with no thought of high or low: No service is high, no service is low each act of service is equal in the eyes of the Lord. It is the readiness, the joy, the efficiency, the skill with which you rush to do that matters   You should make every effort to avoid harming others in any circumstance. You are only hurting yourself when you hurt others.

 brings out all that is great in man. It broadens the heart and widens ones vision. It fills one with joy it promotes unity. It proclaims the truth of the spirit. It drives out all evil qualities in men. It must be regarded as a great spiritual discipline. You are born to serve, not to dominate. Everyone in the world is a servant and not a master.

Service to man will help your divinity to bloom, for it will gladden your heart and make you feel that life has been worthwhile. Service to man is service to God for he is in every man and every being.

Remember, you are not doing service for others. You are doing it always for yourselves, to the God in you, the God who is equally present in others. Learn to give, not to take, learn to serve, not to rule