The Call for Values

The call for values is currently echoing throughout every land, as educators, parents and more and more children are increasingly concerned about and affected by violence, growing social problems, the lack of respect for each other and the world around them, and the lack of social cohesion. World leaders struggle with a myriad of problems. Educators are, therefore, once again being asked to address problems that have arisen within their societies.

“In confronting the many challenges that the future holds in store, humankind sees in education an indispensable asset in its attempt to attain the ideals of peace, freedom, and social justice. The Organization does not see education as a miracle cure or a magic formula opening the door to a world in which all ideals will be attained, but as one of the principal means available to foster a deeper and more harmonious form of human development and thereby to reduce poverty, exclusion, ignorance, oppression, and war.”

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One Heart One Nation: An Educational Program has been produced in response to the call for values. The purpose of The Program is to provide guiding principles and tools for the development of the whole person, recognizing that the individual is comprised of physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual dimensions.

What Kind of Program is One Heart One Nation?
One Heart One Nation: An Educational Program is a values education program. It offers a variety of experiential values activities and practical methodologies to teachers and facilitators to enable children and young adults to explore and develop universal values:
We are already conducting workshops and seminars in schools for the past 4 years in the country. Our program results from schools indicate that students are responsive to the activities of the value and become interested in discussing and applying values. Teachers report not only a decrease in aggressive behavior, but also note that students are more motivated and exhibit an increase in positive and cooperative personal and social skills.

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Aims of the educational program are: To help individuals think about and reflect on different values and the practical implications of expressing them in relation to themselves, others, the community, and the world at large;
    True knowledge is that which established harmony and synthesis between science on the one hand and spirituality and ethics on the other hand.