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The Youth of today will be the future leaders of tomorrow. The future of the youth movement to achieve the divine mission will depend on how well we prepare and develop the talents and commitment of the present younger generation. Our youth must be ready to take on challenges currently faced in today’s world.  
Our willingness to listen to our young people and come up with appropriate programs will assist to enhance the practice of human values in their daily lives.   The only way to retain and keep the youth within the movement is to make them understand and realize that divinity and spirituality, is through the offering of dynamic programs to fulfill the desire of the enthusiastic, energetic and intelligent youth.  

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The purpose of the youth program:

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Few example activities:
News letters:
In life, nothing is more vital then being able to communicate knowledge and ideas affectively and without confusion whether verbally or in writing. The ability to write effectively is a skill that should be nurtured in our youth. Newsletter writing and editing is a powerful tool to invoke and develop writing skills in the youth. 
Public Speaking:
The ability to speak effectively is one of the qualities which we need to possess. However, many youth today can only express themselves in short spurt of sentences due to lack of confidence, or lack of coherent or cogent thinking. Debate and oratorical programs helps overcome the fear of speaking in front of the group as well as to organize their thoughts and speech.
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Drama is considered to be a very effective form of art for it expresses the inner being and is indeed a very beneficial form of activity for youth and children. Spirituality must be full of fun and joy. it cannot be just filled with rites and rituals. Dramas, rib-tickling comedies, and sketches are activities that appeal to many youths. Dramas and plays always an underlying themes of values, ideals, and teachings. Youths are also encouraged to develop their talents in scriptwriting, to direct plays, perform dance, singing, stage work, organizing, etc.    
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“Give them what they want and they will desire what we have to give”