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For Elementary, junior high, and high school students Only

Learn to speak Japanese with the best Japanese tutor for you?

Japanese volunteer lesson's experience
For For Elementary, junior high, and high school students Only

Learn to speak Japanese with the best Japanese tutor for you?

Japanese volunteer lesson's experience

Enjoy taking one-on-one lessons!

☀︎Complete one-on-one
☀︎You can request a teacher (gender, age, etc.)
☀︎No admission fee
☀︎ teaching materials not specified
☀︎Flexible course schedule by request
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Discover your path to language mastery with our Japanese courses tailored for 2023! Whether you’re aiming to test your level, enhance your business Japanese, or pursue university studies, we’ve got you covered. Our curriculum is designed for everyone, from native speakers seeking to polish their skills to beginners eager to dive into a new linguistic adventure. Find the perfect fit for your needs, now hiring a brighter future with enriched job opportunities. With classes that adapt to your lifestyle, you can start anytime and find a new way to connect with the language. Don’t wait, join our vibrant community today and take the first step towards achieving your dreams!

Feature of Japanese tutoring

Practical tutoring

Use and learn in a practical format with your personal tutor.

Short-term Intensive learning

The short time frame allows you to hone in on achieving your specific learning goals.

Customized schedule

Maximize the learning with lessons tailored to your schedule.

Local or Online lessons

local in person

Local in person

You can meet a tutor at Nadya Park or a nearby cafe, public place. It is also possible to take a hybrid of in-person and online courses.


Our tutors are ready to teach you online. Make the world your classroom!
Zoom, Google meet, Skype


Facility Office: Nadya Park 6th floor 名古屋市市民活動推進センター

Address: 3-18-1, Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi, JAPAN

How to start


Answer a few quick questions about the ideal Japanese tutor for you.


Japanese communication picture online 01

After the coordinator’s counseling, we will arrange the ideal Japanese tutor in about a week. Take a free trial lesson to see if the Japanese teacher is the best fit for you.

Japanese communication picture

After confirming that all the desired conditions are met, regular lessons will begin . Japanese teachers can be changed at any time.

Choose your intensive course

Japanese tutor class

Face to Face or online
¥ 6,500 / month, 5 hours
  • Free trial lesson
  • Face to face(1-on-1)
  • Coordinator support
  • ex. 4 lessons(75 min)/month
  • Volunteer tutor
  • Payment will be made monthly.
  • Includes 10% consumption tax.
  • Private lessons with professional Japanese language teachers are also available. Please contact us if you are interested.
  • For those who wish to study Japanese but have financial difficulties, we offer free support classes. Income criteria apply.

Available Lessons

Japanese Lesson tutoring

Japanese for elementary, junior high and high school students

We teach using Japanese textbooks designed for returnee students. This is also ideal for families who are accompanying their children to Japan for work, or for children born between Japanese spouses.

Japanese Lesson tutor

Japanese for daily life

Students learn daily conversation so that they can talk and play in Japanese with their school friends. These are fun lessons that emphasize the desire to learn more. Kanji reinforcement is also popular.

Japanese Lesson tutoring

JLPT or International Baccalaureate (IB)

Focusing on preparation for JLPT, we teach learning methods and techniques for solving the test. The International Baccalaureate® (IB) Diploma Programme (DP) curriculum is taught by an IB graduate tutor.

Lesson Contents

  • You can also choose to tutor high school or college students. If your child is young, it may be most effective to study with a Japanese tutor who is close in age, especially when it comes to schoolwork and topics.
  • Daily conversation, school life Japanese, JLPT preparation, etc. 
  • From beginner class to advanced class.
  • We have lesson plans according to the purpose, course length, schedule, etc. 
  • We propose the best materials for learning effectively
  • I have an English speaking teacher.
  • Classes can be held at a place designated by the student, such as at home.

Learn Japanese with a Japanese tutor for your child

Japanese tutoring lessons for children by Japanese tutors. It is difficult to motivate children in Japanese classes, but tutors can help them study together by giving them a fun experience. Check the compatibility with the student in a free trial lesson. You can experience tutors until your requirements are met. Why don’t you study with a Japanese tutor who suits your child?

Meet our tutors

Japanese tutor university student
Ami Nagai​

College student Experience: half a year Other languages: English, Korean

Japanese tutor university student
Yoko Ichikawa

College student Experience: one year Other languages: English, Chinese

Japanese tutor university student
Hideki Fujii

Univeristy student Experience: one month Other languages: English


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Frequently Asked Questions

You can start anytime. Please apply from the page. You will receive a trial lesson in about a week after your application.

Basically, you will only learn Japanese. However, there are teachers who can assist you when you do not understand the meaning of a problem in other subjects.

Basically, it is 5 hours. For example, you can consult with the teacher to decide if you would like to meet once a week for 60 or 90 minutes. It may be possible to extend the time depending on the teacher’s availability.

Many of the teachers are college students or young teachers who are good at teaching and speaking. Teachers are unpaid volunteers.

Yes, you may add additional instructors to your current instructor(s). While enrolled with your current instructor, you may add additional instructors to receive a discount on new classes.

That’s right. You can decide to quit or continue at any time. The minimum is one month.

We look forward to your application.

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