Please discuss your lesson style with the tutor according to what you want to study. We recommend having a textbook. For conversation classes please ask your tutor to correct any mistakes. Please ask the tutor to give you homework if you like.


One tutor can teach maximum 5 hours of the lesson a month. e.g. 60min lesson once a week, 75 or 90min lesson a few times, 120min every other week, etc. Scheduling and frequency are up to you and your tutor but you should plan according to the tutor’s availability. You can carry over the lesson hours that you could not take to the next month, but only if your tutor accepts it. To ensure that you do not miss any of your lessons, you should plan at the beginning of each month. If you are not satisfied with your lesson schedule, we can change the tutor.


If there is an unavoidable need to reschedule a class, please contact the instructor and let him/her know about the Rescheduling must be done within two weeks. If the instructor is busy, make-up lessons are not always available. If your schedule doesn’t work, you might be able to adjust the time of the lessons through online classes.

Cancellation policy

Cancellation is only possible if the instructor agrees to it the day before. To avoid inconveniencing both you and the tutor, you should agree on the rules for Cancellation. If you cancel within 24 hours, you cannot transfer lessons.

The fee

After confirmation, please pay before starting the regular class. There is no hourly pricing for monthly subscription payments. Pro Japanese teacher class tutors reward and teach. Japanese tutor class tutors are unpaid volunteer staff. Tutors are not involved in payment procedure. So please ask the coordinator if you have any questions about payment. 

Study more hours

Japanese tutor class
You can always add another tutor and class for an additional monthly fee.
Pro Japanese teacher class
You can study for hours as often as you like.


Community Center or Cafe
You can study in any public area or cafe near you.
Office or home

You can study at your home or office in Pro class.

Please consult with your teacher and use the one that is most convenient for you, such as google meet or Skype. (Zoom can be used for a time limit of 40 minutes or more by re-entering the room)

Lesson start date

The term and condition for the regular lesson is very simple. After the trial class, payment must be completed before the start of the regular lesson. The monthly tuition cycle starts from the processing date. Lesson cycles are linked to payment cycles. Example: If you start on July 10, the month is valid from July 10 to August 10.

How to cancel the class

When you wish to cancel classes, please let us immediately. It should be at least by the last day of the final month. Once you tell us to cancel, we will stop recurring payments immediately. You can cancel your subscription by yourself at any time to prevent overpayment.

Refund Policy

Refunds will be given if there is a legitimate reason to do so. A refund fee of 330 yen is required for any refunds regardless of the type of refund. In the case of single monthly payments, payments made more than one month after the date of the request for refund are not refundable. If you cancel before completion with a rump sum payment, 50% of the unused monthly fee will be refunded. Since the payment is made on a monthly basis, we do not refund the hourly amount.

Agreement Policy

 It is prohibited to have lessons with the tutor provided, outside our management. After the trial lesson, it is prohibited to start negotiations to ask your tutor to teach you for free without paying the fee. The personal information of tutors must not be used for any purpose other than attending lessons. If falsehoods or injustices are discovered, we will stop the lesson. We shall claim compensation for any damages caused by using the information without permission from us.